Griselda Hill

Griselda Hill - a view from Arkaroola's Caravan Park

Ecotourism Certification Program

Ecocertified Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation

Many of our tours and flights have received the coveted Advanced Ecotourism accreditation.  Under this accreditation program, Ecotourism is defined as:  "Ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation."
Those tours and flights which have this ecoawards symbol next to them indicate this accreditation. Find out more about this accreditation program on their website.

Tours and Activities

Self-guide Tours: ecoawards


The following bushwalking trails are available:

Guided Walks and Drive/Walks 

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Tourist Information Evenings

Tourist Information Evenings

Self-Guided 4WD Tours

Echo Camp Backtrack - an Arkaroola Self-guided 4WD Tour: ecoawards
A self-drive 4WD tour of the Echo Camp Backtrack - this economically priced tour is available for visitors and guests who have their own 4WD, enabling them to experience remote and rugged four-wheel-driving with the knowledge that, should and emergency arise, help is available (a 'search and rescue watch' is placed on all vehicles).  A printed guide-booklet is provided for all vehicles taking this tour.

 A must-do for all 4WD vehicle owners, with sections of the track classified as 'Extreme 4WD'.  4WD with low-range is necessary for this track.

Nooldoonooldoona Waterhole and Tracks West:
This self-drive tour is suitable for both 2WD and 4WD vehicles and is approximately 4 hours duration, taking you to places like The Pinnacles, Bolla Bollana Springs, and Nooldoonooldoona Waterhole - with other interesting sights along the way.

No charge is made of this tour and a printed guide-booklet is available, complete with a map showing all points of interest along the way. 


Geological Interests:

Arkaroola is truly a geological wonderland.  Copper was mined (and in fact a copper smelter was constructed at Yudnamutana) around 1910;  uranium mining reached a peak during World War 2 years but prices soon tumbled and the cost of extracting the ore from such a remote location as Arkaroola made it unviable.  Gold and other precious minerals have also been found in the area.

The principle mineral groups found on Arkaroola are:



Arkaroola is famous for it's clear night skies and excellent astronomical seeing conditions - we have three separate fully equipped astronomical observatories available - please see the Main Menu item under 'Astronomy' for more details.

Bird Watching / Spotting:

There are over 160 recorded bird species in the Arkaroola area - don't forget to bring along your bird guide and binoculars.

Native Flora and Fauna:

Arkaroola abounds in native flora and fauna - spring, particularly after heavy rainfall, is perhaps the best time to see the hundreds of different species at their best.

Interpretive Centre:

Our interpretive centre, Ningana, is staffed by highly experienced staff who will be only too pleased to speak with you and help you design your own purpose-built activity.

Mountain Biking:

There are many tracks and roads on Arkaroola that are suitable for those interested in mountain bike activities.  However, we need to advise that Arkaroola is located in a remote part of the Flinders Ranges with limited medical facilities - our nearest hospital is at Leigh Creek, 130 km to the west.

Guest are welcome to use any of the roads in the area except those which have been closed off for use by heavy-duty 4WD type vehicles because of the romoteness and extreme nature of such tracks.  Naturally, our walking trails are reserved strictly for bushwalkers, not for use by mountain bikes.

We would strongly recommend that guests intending to venture out with mountain bikes leave details of their excursions with a responsible person;  alternatively, notify our Reception Staff of your intentions.

Photographic Workshops:

Peter MacDonald, the renown outback photographer, is now offering photographic workshops at Arkaroola - click here for more information.

Other Activities:

Of course, if you simply want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, kick your shoes off and relax around our swimming pool - no mobile phones to worry you!  There is, we believe, no better place than Arkaroola to enjoy such a relaxed atmosphere.