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Dodwell Observatory - Star Trails

Tour the Universe: 

Arkaroola provides visitors with a rare opportunity to tour the universe from a location that provides some of the best viewing conditions in Australia.

Combining one of Australia's largest privately owned astronomical observatories with the new-age Star Chairs, and under the expert tuition of Arkaroola's guides, makes for the type of intergalactic experience that normally isn't available to anyone but astronomers and scientists.

Visitors, young and old alike, will be enthralled to see the heavens light up with the energy of worlds light years away from one of our three profesionally equipped observatories.

Please note that our Star Chairs are currently not available - but all other observatory telescopes and equipment are available.

Clear Skies:

Arkaroola is blessed with clear skies.  The nearest town, Leigh Creek, is 130km to the west; light pollution is therefore at a minimum, as is atmospheric pollution.

We have taken steps to ensure that Village lighting is of a type that does not add significantly to light pollution. 

Reports by several scientists have indicated that Arkaroola has some of the clearest skies in the Southern Hemisphere.

All good reasons to expect, given good weather conditions, that your view of the magnificent Southern Hemisphere night skies will be possibly the best you can ever experience.  

 Our Observatories:

Please click here to see details of our three professionally equipped astronomical observatories and our astronomical telescopes and associated equipment.

Astronomy Tours:

Our Astronomy Tours have received the coveted Advanced Ecotourism accreditation - these tours really are a must do whilst at Arkaroola!

Astronomy Tours are subject to weather conditions, but please check out our climate statistics, particularly those relating to clear days, to see why Arkaroola really is one of Australia's most desirable astronomical sites.

Astronomy Tours Rates:

Click here for current prices for our accredited Astronomical Tours.

       Photo of Orion Nebula taken at Arkaroola by Mark Wielgosz


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Dodwell Observatory

14-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
(Dodwell and Oliphant Observatories)

Star Chairs

Star Chair (R. Sprigg Observatory)

Horsehead Nebula

Horsehead Nebula - an example of
astrophotography taken at Arkaroola

Oliphant Observatory

Sir Mark Oliphant Observatory





Arkaroola's Dodwell Observatory