Ridgetop Tours

Sillers Lookout

Sillers Lookout - the climax of the Ridgetop Tour

Arkaroola's signature 4WD tour - an unforgettable encounter with the timeless terrain and unique natural beauty of the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary.

Travelling in a specially constructed open-top 4WD vehicle, Ridgetop passengers are taken on a guided tour of some of the most spectacularly rugged country on earth. Trained tour guides share their knowledge of Arkaroola's 1600-million year geological history as they navigate the steep slopes and hair raising ascents of the famous Ridgetop Track.

Inspiring images of red granite mountains and golden spinifex covered hillsides give way to a breath-taking view across the Freeling Heights, Lake Frome and the desert beyond.

Take in the 360-degree panorama as you enjoy morning or afternoon tea at Sillers Lookout - a lofty pinnacle at the end of the Track.

The 4.5 hour Ridgetop Tour showcases the magic of the Northern Flinders Ranges and is a must see experience at Arkaroola and is one of our much-prized Advanced Ecotourism accredited tours.

Departs reception twice daily at 8am and 1pm, with slight adjustments during summer months.

See Rates for current prices.

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Approaching Sillers Lookout

Aerial View Sillers Lookout

The Armchair

The Armchair

Abandoned Uranium Mines

Abandoned Uranium Mines

Aerial View of Sillers Lookout

Approaching Sillers Lookout